Character Profiles

Alpha Team Recruits

Name:Connor Reeves


Appearance:Spiky brown hair, green-blue eyes and an athletic physique

Background:Son of Susan Reeves and Justin Reeves, a former SAS soldier and bodyguard (deceased)

Skill Set:UK Battle of Britain Kickboxing champion (U16s), Black belt in Jujitsu.

Motto:The strong have a duty to protect the weak

Name:Charlotte Hunter (nickname Charley)


Appearance:Sky-blue eyes, tanned skin and long blonde hair

Background:Parents killed in a plane crash, wheelchair-bound as a result of a mission going tragically wrong

Skill Set:Quiksilver Junior Surfing Champion, karate and self-defence, Fluent in Mandarin

Motto:If you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re probably right

Name:Amir Kapur


Appearance:Slender with an angular face, bright eyes and a slick of black hair

Background:Born in a Delhi slum, the sixth son of a betel-nut seller

Skill Set:IT and communication, Computer programming, Mission logistics

Motto:Brains over brawn”

Name:Ling Sun (nickname Lightning Ling)


Appearance:Tiny, sleek with a jet-black bob and a piercing through her nose

Background:Orphan from Shanghai. No other information known

Skill Set:Wing Chun Kung Fu, Street knowledge

Motto:Ling always wins her fights”

Name:Jason King


Appearance:Broad-chested, dark tousled hair, an anvil jaw and earth-brown eyes

Skill Set:Boxing

Motto:Hit first, hit hard, then hit the ground running”

Name:Marc Pascal


Appearance:Lean with bleached blond hair and a sense of style

Skill Set:Taekwondo

Name:Richie Malone


Appearance:Auburn hair, a freckled face in the throes of teenage acne and braces on his teeth

Skill Set:Skater

HQ Command Structure

Name:Colonel Black

Position:Commander and founder of Buddyguard

Appearance:Silver-grey hair trimmed into a severe crew cut, flint-grey eyes, strong chiselled jaw and a ragged white scar across his throat

Background:A former Army Major in the SAS, he served in the same unit as Connor’s father, Justin Reeves

Name:Jody Hart

Position:2nd in command and the chief close protection instructor

Appearance:Dark brown shoulder-length hair and olive eyes

Background:A former Met police officer, she was employed in the forces specialist armed unit, CO19, before joining the prestigious SO14 Royalty Close Protection

Name:Steve Nash

Position:Combat and fitness instructor

Appearance:Six-foot-two, ebony skin and gladiator-like muscles

Background:Ex-British Special Forces, he has served in Iraq and Afghanistan before contracting for 5 years as a private security consultant in high risk and hostile environments

Name:Bugsy [real name unknown]

Position:Surveillance tutor and logistics officer

Appearance:Stocky, bald and constantly chewing gum

Background:An ex-British Warrant Officer with 25 years service, he specialised in intelligence collection, close target reconnaissance, advanced security management and counter-terrorism


Name:Mr Grey (first name unknown)


Appearance:Lean-faced with a pale complexion and ice-grey eyes

Weapons:Poison needle, Ruger SR9 semi-automatic pistol, unarmed combat

background:No intel exists. Suspected links to a clandestine organization known only as Equilibrium.

Name:Malik Hussain


Appearance:Thick bushy beard, hooked nose and sun-blasted skin

JaWeapon:mbiya, a traditional curved dagger

Background:Leader of the Brotherhood of the Rising Crescent, a fundamentalist group based in Yemen. Born in Sana’a and educated in Saudi Arabia, he fought with the Taliban before disappearing off the radar… until now



Appearance:Shaved head, wide nose and green-stained teeth. Wears silver-mirrored aviator sunglasses

Weapon:Browning semi-automatic pistol

Background:A former soldier, trained by Western security forces to be a Somali coastguard. He then used these skills to become the most ruthless pirate leader in the Indian Ocean.

Name:General Pascal, aka Black Mamba

Threat:Rebel Commander

Appearance:Size of a gorilla with a dark pockmarked face. Wears a blood-red beret

Weapon:Glock 17 handgun and his fists

Background:Born in Burundi, he joined a rebel militia unit aged 16 before founding his own rebel group, Armée Nationale Liberté. Responsible for sparking a rebellion and several genocidal massacres, he was indicted by the International Criminal Court for recruiting child soldiers


Chris Bradford is a true believer in ‘practising what you preach’. For his award-winning Young Samurai series, he trained in samurai swordmanship, karate, ninjutsu and earned his black belt in Zen Kyu Shin Taijutsu.

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